Fruit Wine

Fruit wine can be 100% made from fruit or blended with spirits. Both of it contain…

Sa Toe / Rice wine

Sa Toe is rice wine contained less than 15% of alcohol. Siam Sato 8% of alcohol

Spirit / Rum

Mekhong, Sang Som,Hong Thong are from Thai Beverage Plc. Mekhong (Thai spirit) Sang Som (rum) Hong…

Thai beer

Singha beer and Leo beer are from Boon Rawd Brewery Chang beer and Archa beer are…

Useful Thai phrases for food

“Krub(Ka)” we say it at the end of sentence to make more polite Krub(for men) Ka(for…

10 Best Thai Soup you should try !

Kanomjeen Nam Ngoew (Northern pork bone soup with rice noodle) Tom Zap (North-Eastern pork spareribs soup)…

10 Best Thai fruits you should try !

Mangosteen Lychee Rambutan Longkong Durian Rose Apple Custard Apple Salak (snake fruit) Santol (cotton fruit) Longan

10 Best Thai Spicy Salad you should try !

Som Tum (papaya salad) Larb Isaan (minced pork salad)

10 Best Thai Curry you should try !

Green Curry Khaosoi

20 Amazing Thai dishes you should try

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